Significance of Surya

By Jalpa Purani | Mar 27, 2019 | in Blogs | Share

Why do we revere Sun as a God?

Ever since I can remember, I have seen my mother offer a kalash (copper vessel) of water to Surya (God as Sun) every morning. Whether it was hot, warm, cold, raining, snowing or even below freezing she would open the door every morning to offer her respects to god in the form of Sun. Sometimes it felt like sunrise only happened after she offered her prayers. What I saw her doing with dedication every morning became so ingrained in me as part of our daily ritual. And now I realize the real meaning behind this offering.


Why should we pay respect to Sun? Behind the spiritual action there is a scientific reason. Planets move around the Sun. The solar flares of a Sun emit heat and warmth to the solar system. Earth is the 3rd planet from Sun in our solar system. As earth has completed it’s rotation around Sun, we offer our salutations and pay our respects using water as a metaphor of our pride our ego to the Sun to bless our day.


The Kalash symbolizes abundance and prosperity in Hinduism.


|| Adidev! Namah Stubhyam Praseed Mama Bhaskara |


Deevakar! Namah Stubhyam Prabhakar Namostu Te ||


Oh Lord of lords! The sun god – I bow to you in respect. You are the giver of light. Bestow your blessings on me. Hey lord of lights! I offer my salutations to you.


|| Adityasya Namaskaaram Ye Kurvanti Dine Dine |


Janamantar sahastreshu Daaridram Nopajaayate ||


Those who offer their respects to Sun everyday will never be without wealth (material and non-material assets) for thousands of years to come.