Secrets of Vedas - Part - 5 [Genealogy and Nomenclature in Vedas]

By Mitul Trivedi | May 22, 2020 | in Videos , Seminars , Secrets of Vedas | Share

Let us examine the nomenclature, genealogy and evolution of language used during Vedic times.


See the series Secrets of Vedas - Part - 5 - Genealogy and Nomenclature in Vedas


In this video what are described in Vedas? Was there genealogy or nomenclature? On the basis of vedic history and astrological descriptions in Puranas, intellectuals are considering the period of vedic era is 4000 BCE to 2500 BCE. But what is reality? Was there any genealogy in Puranas or there are nomenclature in Puranas?


Let's find out the reality...