Parshuram Jayanti

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Parshuram Jayanti is celebrated as the birthday of Lord Vishnu’s sixth incarnation Lord Parshuram. 

Parashuram Jayanti:

There is a total of nine incarnations of Lord Vishnu. And holy scriptures have given a number of auspicious days dedicated to different incarnations in the Hindu calendar. Parshuram Jayanti is celebrated as the birthday of Lord Vishnu’s sixth incarnation Lord Parshuram. 

This auspicious day occurs on the third day of Shukla paksha in the Hindu month Vaishakh. Moreover, this tithi called Tritiya of the full moon phase in vaishakh month is also celebrated as Akshay Tritiya, another auspicious day of the Hindu religion. The year 2022 will celebrate Lord Parashurama’s birth anniversary on Tuesday of 3rd May. 

Lord Parashurama was the son of King Prasenjit’s daughter Renuka and Sage Jamdagni of the Bhrigu dynasty. And according to Hindu mythology, Lord Parashurama is immortal and still living on the earth. Therefore unlike other gods, he is not worshipped in a similar manner. 


Parshuram was a great devotee of Lord Shiva. His original name was Ram, but after immensely worshipping Lord Shiva, he was rewarded with an axe called Parshu. That’s why his name was reformed to Parashurama, which means a Rama with the axe called Parshu. 

He was a great warrior and holder of deep knowledge and courage. According to the scriptures, he defeated Kshatriyas. He was born to help needy people and free the world of Kshatriyas’ pride. It is also a prevailing belief that he was born to destroy the kings of the Haideya dynasty. Moreover, Tretayug began on the day of Vaishakh Shukla Paksha Tritiya, which makes Parashurama’s birth even more mystical for humankind. 

He was a Brahmin warrior who was a great adherent of Lord Shiva in the Dwapara Yug. Parashuram had the legendary axe Parashu which was his symbol of victory and devotion. Interestingly, he was the mentor of Mahabharata characters Dronacharya, Bhishma, and Karna

According to Hindu texts, Lord Vishnu, in his sixth incarnation, ended the betrayal of the Kshatriya race and defeated demon king Kiratarjuna as Lord Parashuram. He again restored peace and Dharma on earth as a part of his ultimate duty.  

Parshuram Jayanti is a very significant day for devotees who worship Lord Vishnu with utmost faith and gratitude. 

Celebrations and Rituals:

Parshuram Jayanti includes fasting, charity, and meditation to worship Lord Vishnu and seek his blessings. People wake up early and observe a day-long fast with various other religious activities. 

They visit Lord Vishnu’s temples and offer Prashad, aarti, and flowers. Chanting Lord Vishnu’s mantras and listening to Lord Parashurama’s story is also a very important part of this day. Moreover, people donate essentials to needy people and attend various religious gatherings.

Devotees consider this day a very auspicious day to begin any new journey or venture. And therefore, buying new things and inaugurating new projects also signifies the importance of his day.