Daily Vedic Pooja

By Sameedh Admin | Jun 21, 2020 | in Blogs | Share

A proper way of practicing daily Vedic Pooja

For quite some time, I wanted to indulge in the practice of daily Puja, a custom that’s been followed for generations in my family. But I have not found time to do so as they are time consuming and require self discipline on ones’ part , a thing that I am trying to come to terms with.

As the time went on, I started to procrastinate but that stopped when I found a short version of the Puja.


In this blog, I want to share a 2 minute short puja and all you need for this is “Akshatha”  and your favourite Deity.

“Akshatha” is uncooked rice mixed with turmeric, saffron, kumkum, and a little bit of water. This can be prepared in small quantities in advance.


You may also want to light an oil lamp, incense sticks , and camphor for aarti depending on your time and convenience.

Offering Akshata is good enough for starters in lieu of flowers, aarti, and other more traditional offerings to please the GOD.

Take bath and sit comfortably in front of your favourite GOD.


Begin with Dhyaanam:

  • “Shukla-Ambara-Dharam Vissnnum Shashi-Varnnam Catur-Bhujam |
  • Prasanna-Vadanam Dhyaayet Sarva-Vighno [a-U] pashaantaye ||
  • OM Ekadantaya Vidmahe Vakkratundaya Dheemahi, Tanno Danti Prachodayat”

Recite the following with devotion and with each “Samarpayami” offer 2 Akshathas to GOD.

  1. “Dhyaanam Samarpayami “ (Think or meditate on the LORD)
  2. “Aawaahanam Samarpayami “ (Offering invitation the LORD)
  3. “Aasanam Samarpayami”  (Offer a seat to the LORD)
  4. “Paadyam Samarpayami “(offer water to wash the feet)
  5. “Arghyam Samarpayami “ (offer water to wash the hands)
  6. “Aachamaneeyam Samarpayami “ (offer water to drink )
  7. “Snaanam Samarpayami (Give bath to the LORD)
  8. "Maha Abhishekam Samarpayami “ (main head bath)
  9. “Pratishtaapayaami “ (make him seated )
  10. “Vasthram Samarpayami “ (Offer clothes to the LORD)
  11. “Yajnopaveetham Samarpayami “ (Offer the Holy Thread to the LORD)
  12. “Gandham Samarpayami”  (offer sandlewood paste/powder)
  13. “Akshatham Samarpayami “ (Offer Akshatha to the LORD)
  14. “Pushpam Samarpayami”  (Offer flowers to the LORD)
  15. “Ashthothtra Poojam Samarpayami “ (Offer the Holy 108 names of the  LORD)
  16. “Dhoopam Aaghraapayaami “ (offer agarbatti )
  17. “Deepam Darshayaami “ ( offer light )
  18. “Neivedyam Samarpayami”  (Offer food to the LORD)
  19. “Phalam Samarpayami”  (Offer Fruits the LORD)
  20. “Taamboolam Samarpayami “ (offer beetle nut and leaves )
  21. “ Dakshinam Samarpayami”  (Offer money to the LORD)
  22. “Maha Nirajanam Samarpayami “ ( the main aarati)
  23. “Pradakshinam Samarpayami “ (taking clockwise rounds in front of the lord)
  24. “Namaskaram Samarpayami “ (prostrations offer them)
  25. “Mantra Pushpam Samarpayami”  ( both incantations and flowers
  26. “Praarthanaam Samarpayami “ (offering prayers;List your requests)
  27. “Kshamaapanam Samarpayami” ( offering apologies to lord for any mistakes

This Puja is called  “shodopachara” and is performed widely as part of the vedic rituals. It aims at removing all negative energies and purifies your mind and body. This purification results in naturally positive thoughts and actions intended to bring in all good things to your life and people around you.


I have practiced this for nearly a month and it helped me with focus and brought  self discipline to my daily routine.


I look forward to sharing a traditional version of the Puja next time.