Ancient Mathematics | Aug 17-27, 2020 | Nandalay Goshalay

Learn the ancient ways and methods to perform mathematical calculations quickly by Dr. Mitul Trivedi.

By Dr. Mitul Trivedi

“A man, through whom the mythologies live!”


Date:   Monday, August 17, 2020 to Thursday, August 27, 2020
Time:   5.00 PM to 6.00 PM Indian Standard Time
Language:   English and Hindi
Seminar Mode:   Online


Note: This is a private event. You will receive a separate communication with the 6-digit code. 

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Questions / Answers

Seminar begins today. If you have registered, please join the zoom meeting link that was shared with you. You can submit your questions here. Dr. Mitul Trivedi will answer your questions next day.

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Ancient Mathematics

When Adam and Eve shared half the Apple each, Mathematics was born. But this could be attributed to Mythology which have no practical applications. Meanwhile in India, deep rooted knowledge emerged from the Vedas, which supposedly contained all mathematical techniques which increase the speed of elementary calculations with no overlap and is no compendium of tricks. The Seminar on Ancient Mathematics by Dr Mitul Trivedi, a famed scholar and a man through whom the mythology lives, will help you learn, explore, educate and skill yourself. Suitable for all ages, the Ancient Mathematics sessions will develop your decision power, improve logical thinking and enhance your creativity. For the scholars, the Seminar sessions will benefit them through techniques of faster calculation, mental development and better performance in competitive exams.


Why Learn Ancient Mathematics?


For fast and easy calculation

For Mental Development

For competitive exams

Psychologically for removing fear

Academically for better learning

Develop creativity

Improve logical thinking

Develop in decision power


About the Seminar Host

  Some of the most youthful events of Lord Krishna was spent while cow herding.
The organization is formed to up keep this tradition and not only raises and protects cows, but also raises the society’s awareness of the ancient culture.