Akshaya Tritiya

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Akshaya Tritiya is the third day of the bright lunar phase of Vaishakh month.

Akshaya Tritiya:

Akshaya Tritiya is one of the most auspicious days in the Hindu calendar that comes in the April-may month time. In the year 2022, this holy festival will be on the 3rd of May. It is believed to be the most favorable day to start anything new. 

The word Akshaya denotes never decreasing or devaluating in terms of money, prosperity, harmony, and love. Moreover, the word Tritiya means the third day of the moon phase that marks one of the tithis in the Vedic calendar. So Akshaya Tritiya is the third day of the bright lunar phase of Vaishakh month. 

This beautiful day is celebrated with great enthusiasm and faith by devotees to worship Lord Vishnu for never-ending wealth, health and happiness. It involves fasting, pujas, havans, charity, and various other religious activities as a part of rituals. Akshaya Tritiya is an important festival for Hindu and Jain communities of India.


Significance and Rituals:

Hindus celebrate this day by worshipping Lakshmi Narayan form of Lord Vishnu, Lord Kuber, and the Goddess Lakshmi. At the same time, Jains celebrate this day by worshipping the sage Tirthanakara Rishabha. Interestingly, Lord Parashurama’s birth anniversary is also on the same day, which enhances this day’s significance even deeper. 

Sage Tirthankara Rishabha observed fast for an entire year and halted on this day by consuming sugar cane juice, and that’s why Jain communities consider this day as one of the most important and religious days. 

Akshaya Tritiya is celebrated with different names in different localities. For example, in Chhattisgarh, it is known as ‘Akti’ to seek blessings for the Kharif season. Whereas in Gujarat and Rajasthan, it is referred to as Akhatreej.

Devotees choose this day to start a new business, project, journey, or any other important partnership. Therefore, Akshaya Tritiya is believed to be an immensely auspicious day to host a wedding or any other meaningful ceremony. 

Buying a new land, house, gold, and silver is also a very important part of this day. The reason why people consider this day to purchase precious metals is to signify never-ending prosperity and happiness. 

Akshay Tritiya is a beautiful tithi of the Hindu calendar holding various mythological stories that make this festival even more mystical and divine.