Grah Shanti / 9-Planets Ceremony

Grah Shanti Pooja can be performed before any major ceremony such as marriage as yagnopavit sanskars. It is to please the 9-planets, whose positions and motions are said to be the basis of all astrology.

Hindu scriptures strongly believe that planetary position in our astrological chart affects our life thoroughly. The nine karmic planets hold power to build up or destroy a person’s life, and to minimize their adverse effects, Vedic texts have suggested various havanas and poojas.

Grah Shanti pooja is a sacred pooja to worship all the nine planets and reduce their negative impact on a person’s life. Usually, this pooja is conducted before marriage as a part of wedding rituals on both bride and groom’s sides. 

Priest and astrologer understand the planetary positions of the host and calculate an auspicious date and time to hold this ceremony. The host is supposed to wear new traditional clothes and carry the whole pooja under the priest’s instructions. 

This pooja helps to remove karmic debt from a previous life, reduce the impact of malevolent transitions, and establish peace in a person’s horoscope to induce positive effects and lessen the negative effect of planets. 

Grah Shanti pooja or Navagraha pooja includes the Moon, Sun, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu as nine primitive planets. 

Apart from the wedding ceremony, any person who wants to bring harmony in his natal chart and please the supreme nine planets of an astrological subject can hold this pooja and pray for kindness and blessings in his life. 

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