Learn how to sing Gujarati songs, bhajans, ghazals, dayro, garbo...whatever your personality is, there is a style in the rich culture of Gujarat that is sure to be a perfect match.

Gujarat, one of the iconic states of India, holds a peculiar ocean of history where art and literature played the most important role of protagonists. But, when it comes to Gujarati music, there is definitely a lot more than just Garbas. Gujarati classical music consists of Garba, Dayro, Sugam Sangeet, Sant Vani, Natya Sangeet, Bhajan, and Ghazals. These all musical channels are so distinct from each other yet so connected that none of them has lost their charm even after these many decades. Devotional and spiritual songs, storytelling of war and mythologies, and prominent emotions of the societies are some of the dominant concepts in Gujarati music.
Bhajan is a devotional song type that includes subcategories like Prabhati, Katari, and Dhol.

Dayro is a classical form where the performer delivers a social or religious message through regional dialect and folk composition.
Natya Sangeet is a definite role of bhavai where music and lyrics are composed to align with the storytelling and dance format of the performance. And the most popular Garba is fast-paced music with spiritual and religious songs to perform Garba dance.
Barot, Charan, and Gadhvi communities of Gujarat have carried out the traditional folk music till now with utmost dedication and faith, which is still visible in modern Gujarati music as well.
The rich traditional culture of Gujarat has graciously given the most dynamic musical form, and that’s what Gujarati music deliberately talks about.

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